A little bit of money buys you a whole lot of time.


You could probably do your own designs and save yourself a little money. But how much is your time worth? What might take you a day, SharpBeak Design can often do in a matter of hours.

Since cost is still an important concern, flexible payment options are listed below. You can also call for a free consultation, and let SharpBeak Design help you prioritize your projects and form a budget so you can invest in the most impactful services first.

1/2 Down, 1/2 on Complete

For larger projects with longer completion times

$200 - 4000+

  • web sites

  • advertising campaigns

  • trade show presentation

  • event marketing

By the Hour

Pay a retainer with the balance due upon completion

$50 / hr.

  • logo

  • business cards

  • advertisements

  • postcards

  • brochures

  • banners

Monthly Contract

For services rendered and billed each month

$100 - 500 /mo.

  • website maintenance

  • weekly ad flyers

  • marketing support

  • design services on retainer