The services offered by SharpBeak Design are an investment toward your own goals. So before you ask "how much will it cost?", you need to ask yourself, "how much is my success worth?"

Since cost is still an important concern, flexible payment options are available. You can also schedule a free consultation, and let SharpBeak Design help you prioritize your projects and form a budget so you can invest in the most impactful services first.

1/2 Down, 1/2 on Complete

Best for multiple designs or projects with completion times longer than 1 month

$500 - 4000+

  • web sites

  • advertising campaigns

  • trade show presentation

  • event marketing

Up Front Payments

Perfect for smaller projects and individual designs.

$50 - 500

  • logo

  • business cards

  • advertisements

  • postcards

  • brochures

  • banners

By the Hour

Great for highly focused on-site consultation and design services

$50 / hr.

  • consultation

  • merchandising

  • image search & culling

  • content development

  • product photography

Monthly Contract

Ideal for full range of consultation and design services over a course of 6, 9, or 12 months.

$200 - 500 /mo.

  • business planning

  • start-ups & rebrands

  • project management

  • content development

  • graphic design services on retainer


Chillicothe, OH


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