Whether you are raising funds, building awareness, or looking for new business relationships, events are a big deal that can have enormous impact on your organization.


Strategically placed, eye-catching designs that attract attention, provide information, and inspire people to participate are the key to being the talk of the town.


The easier it is for people to sign up for or buy tickets to your event, the more likely they are to attend and increase revenue. 


Efficient registration and payment options - both online and off - make it quick and simple for people to provide their information and pay for admission, participation, or even make donations for sponsorship.


Not only do you want people at the event, you want them to remember it! From posters providing details, to take home goodies to keep memories alive, SharpBeak Design will make sure you have engaging designs for:

  • posters

  • banners

  • flyers

  • t-shirts

  • souvenirs

  • promotional items 

  • and more...


Trade show and event booths are often a cost effective way of increasing awareness of your business or organization. They can be set up to function as a sales office, a recruitment center, even a miniature store. 

Get professional design services for every aspect of your trade booth:

  • banners and signs

  • promotional items

  • lead capturing

  • merchandising

  • interactive displays

  • and more...