Whatever it is your organization is trying to accomplish, it cannot be done without a properly crafted message. Who are you speaking to? What are you trying to tell them? How should they react?


SharpBeak Design makes sure your message has all the information your customers need so they can make the decision to do business with you.


The function of design is to communicate a message, so the written words used in any marketing piece or project are just as important as the visual elements of the design.

At SharpBeak Design, messaging is developed through a personalized question and answer process, providing well-written content that expresses not only what you want to say, but also the way you want to say it. 


The more unique and valuable your products or services are the more helpful it becomes to have custom artwork.


Original art communicates ideas in a way that generic clip art cannot. From breaking down complicated ideas to creative masterpieces that grab attention, tailored illustrations from SharpBeak Design both reinforce your brand and allow you to connect to your audience on a more intuitive level.


When it comes to using photos, it is important to have professional images. Anything less diminishes the image of your company. Photos should reinforce the brand and add purpose to the message. While the proliferation of online stock sites makes it very affordable to buy quality photos, the time involved in finding the right image can be consuming.

SharpBeak Design has years (many long years) of experience searching, culling, selecting, and editing photos for marketing. Custom photo shoots are also available for those times when only something original will do.