Your brand is an expression of who you are; it should not be an explanation of what you do. While a logo shapes people’s first and most lasting impression of your company, branding goes even deeper by touching every element of your organization.


The Sharpbeak Design process for logos is highly consultative: many questions will be asked about the goals and vision of your venture, and the people who will be most interested in your products and services.

With original art and custom typeface, your finished logo will expresses the essential qualities and personality of your organization in a single glance.

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brand guidelines +

1000 business cards




Just as you wouldn't head out to an important meeting without first putting on suitable clothes, your company should be equally "well-dressed" before being introduced to the public. A properly developed logo, along with a few well-branded marketing essentials, will set you up for success.

logo +

brand guidelines +

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  • promotional items

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  • business plan / annual report


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